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WINTER WEATHER IS JUST AROUND THE CORNER.  Is your boat prepared for cold and damaging temperatures?

An ounce of prevention…
We have a great supply of Antifreeze, dehumidifiers and engine compartment heaters.
Worried about your engine block freezing?  After running Antifreeze through it, double up with the Pali Engine Compartment Heater.  You will have peace of mind with this unit – it automatically turns on at 7 degrees Celcius.  It is ignition protected.  This is a self-regulating unit that cannot overheat.
Keep dampness away from your upholstery with a Stor-Dry  low wattage warm air circulator. Safe for your Vee berth or cuddy – it is a fantastic way to warm the space and move the air to deter moisture from forming.  Are you tired of removing hose clamps etc. to run anti-freeze through you engine block?
Camco’s DIY Winterizing Kit is a breeze to use and ensures that the anti-freeze circulates throughout the engine block for cold weather protection.



DIY Winterize Kit


Come see us for your Winter Clothing Needs.  We have a fantastic selection of Name Brand Lines to fit your style:


Are you looking for the ultimate in a wool sweater that is 100% washable, 100% Made in BC, and 100% itch-free?  Then look no further than our line of Pollen Sweaters, scarfs, and toques.
These extraordinary products are HAND-MADE in Lund, B.C. We carry a variety of sweaters for both men and women.  Toques are available and are a very popular item. Call us now to see what we have on hand.



Are you looking for the ultimate in casual chic sport wear?  We are very excited to sell SALTY CREW clothing  We have a great selection of shirts, hoodies and hats for both men and women.  Come in now for styles and sizes!  New stock is constantly arriving.



Are you looking for something to keep you dry during our Wet Coast showers?  We have both Helly Hansen and Grundens outerwear.



Once you have your clothing needs sorted out, come in and take a look at our incredible line of Outdoor Furniture.  Made completely from 100% Recycled materials, this furniture line definitely stands the test of time.



Do you wonder what it takes to fibreglass?  Here is a beginner’s tutorial video on the process.  As stated in the video, feel free to call and ask – all questions are welcome.  Click the image to watch the video.



We take pride in sourcing out those hard-to-find items for you.  Let us help you with all your marine needs.  As well, check out our catalogue here and call/text for pricing and availability.



Here are just a few of our Product Lines.  Let us know if there is anything you need:




Mustang Link




Helly Hansen Link

Scotty Link




Our knowledgable staff members are well-versed in our product lines. Please feel free to contact the store at 250 – 248 – 2293 for inventory questions, item ordering, or simply general advice and customer support.