Customer Projects


This boat has an ambitious future to say the least!  Built completely from scratch, the ‘rowboat’ is being constructed to circumnavigate Vancouver Island.  Measuring 16′ long, it has just had its inaugural water test, rollover, etc., and all appears to be in great shape.  To date, some of the items that have been utilized include Stainless hardware, Fibreglass matting and resins, Tempress and Bowmar hatches, Ancor tinned electrical wiring, Scotty mounts, flexible solar panels and many more pieces have gone into this creation.

Rebuilding a Classic

From the Deep Vee approach to the Tumble Home transom, this ‘new’ build features a theme from the 50’s.

Brazilian Cherry, known as Jatoba, has been used extensively throughout the build.  From the swim grid and  above the sheer, the boat’s deck and cabin are immaculately finished.

For the hull, fibreglass and foam were combined to create a 7/8″ sandwich.



Dive Boat

This dual purpose boat has been built with sweat equity, Blue Sea electrical parts, Vertex tinned wire, and various water fittings.  It will operate as a combination dive boat/beachcombing boat from the Alberni Inlet through to the Broken and Deer Group Islands.

Payten Rose

Great pride has been taken in the renovation of this pleasure boat.  Named after the customer’s granddaughter, there has been hours of sweat equity poured into the build.  Starting in the Fall of 2019, the overhaul has included the following shop products:

Fibreglass matt, Resin, Structural putty, Woven roving, Catalyst, Ancor marine-grade wire and all the disposables such as brushes, containers, wire connectors, etc.  Truly a labour of love and it looks fantastic sitting at the dock.

Polly Wog

A beautifully rebuilt 22′ 1974 Reinell!

1955 Century Viking 19 Foot