What is the deal with Breezesta furniture?

How many times have you seen outdoor furniture, particularly white plastic chairs, falling over and bouncing around a yard during one of our West Coast weather events?  Say goodbye to your dancing furniture and hello to your once-in-a-lifetime furniture.

Breezesta furniture is poly lumber.  What sets this product above the others is that it is extremely durable and virtually maintenance-free.  It will NEVER need to be painted or sealed because it will never stain or rot.  It cleans up easily with a water hose or a soft-bristled brush and a mild cleaner.

Breezesta connects you to the outdoors with durable, eco-friendly outdoor furniture and accessories. From traditional to contemporary styles, neutral to bold color options, this customizable line of products creates a comfortable outdoor oasis tailored to you.

The recycled poly lumber isn’t just about low-maintenance and durability, either. Breezesta outdoor furniture and accessories are good for the environment too. All products are proudly manufactured in the United States, from millions of milk jugs that would otherwise degrade in landfills.

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